About Qooble

Qooble is a search engine for QBN. Why? Because we can do anything if we believe.

How to use


Type in the light blue search bar and press Enter.

Example: pali
No idea how to spell “palimpsest”? You are not alone. Just qooble for pali.

Example: qbn out of context
Looking for that special thread? You don’t have to click Next all day long. Just qooble it.

Latest posts

Click on the Latest link at the bottom of the page to see the latest posts loaded into Qooble.

Force exact matches

Normally Qooble will try find the closest matches to the search query. eg. pango may also match pantone. To force Qooble to only return exact matches, surround your query with double quotes (").

Example: "pango"


There are 5 filters you can use to narrow your search: user, topic, type, before & after. Put quotes around any filter that contains a space.

user, topic, type - Not case sensitive, but require correct spelling. You can have multiple of them, they will OR-ed together. Although having type:reply AND type:note is the same as not entering the filter at all.

Example: type:reply user:pango user:cybrainx topic:"the gif animation thread"
This will return all replies made by either Pango or CyBrainX to the topic the gif animation thread.

!user, !topic - you can have a negatives filter by adding a ! in front. You can’t use multiple of these at once.

Example: !topic:"QBNer of the day" !user:phanlo "phanlo" type:note
This will return all the notes that contain the word phanlo but were not written by the user phanlo and are not in the topic QBNer of the day.

before, after - you can use these to limit the dates range returned. They support both date ('YYYY-MM-DD') and date time ('YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm'). The format needs to be correct or the filter will be ignored, remember quotes if using date time. We have no idea what timezone is being used.

Example: user:cybrainx after:2004-03-16 before:"2004-03-17 13:30"
This will return everything that was written by the user cybrainx between 2004-03-16 and 2004-03-17 13:30.


Search data collected and supplied by palimpsest, who also inspired the filters. Name inspired by Maikel. CyBrainX, Phanlo and Pango were my trusty albeit unwitting search guineapigs. Continuity for believing. Document icons created by Freepik - Flaticon. Search engine by Meilisearch. Infrastructure donated by Haasie.com.

Qooble is a passion project not in any way affiliated with QBN LLC or any QBN subsidiary. This is not the future you wanted, but it is the future you deserve.